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Terra Biotech Review – The Story Behind The Juice?

Terra Biotech Review

If you are reading this Terra Biotech review then you may be thinking of becoming a representative.  Or maybe you are already a representative.  Congratulations on doing your due diligence.  It is good business practice to create a road map for the operation of your business.  Let me tell you up front that I am not a representative of Terra Biotech.  This is an unbiased, third party review.

 Terra Biotech Review

Terra Biotech is a multi-level marketing company that distributes nutritional drinks made from ‘super foods’.  The company is based in Dallas Texas.  Interestingly, the company was founded by the husband of a cancer patient in search a way to help her.  The products are formulated with botanicals and herbs for their ability to boost the immune system.  If you are passionate about the wellness movement this may be the company for you.  However, before you jump in lets take a look at the company from a business perspective.

Terra Biotech sells three products that are design to promote health and wellness.

  • Nectr CORE, which contains antioxidants and plant nutrients selected for their ability to boost immunity, vitality, support the digestive system and fight free radicals.
  • Nectr RIZE, a non-stimulant-based energy supplement, and
  • Nectr CALM, formulated to promote restful sleep.

There are two (2) way to join Terra Biotech:

  1. An Independent Associate joins for $45 and buys the products wholesale and sells retail for a profit.
  2. An Independent Consultant joins for $315 and immediately become eligible to participate in deeper bonuses; both leadership and fast start as well as multi-tier residual income.

There are three ways to earn money in the Terra Biotech Review:

  1. Retail sales of the products bought wholesale
  2. Bonus which include fast start, leadership, fast track  and bulk order bonuses
  3. Residual income – payout up to 7 levels.

Representatives are paid weekly for bonuses and residual income.

Terra Biotech Review – Marketing Strategy

All MLM companies use relationships between people to market their products.  Therefore, you must master both your people and marketing skills.  When you started, your upline probably told you to talk to your family and friends about the business or share your product with them.  This is a sound strategy for starters and some fast start success.  However, you must also think about long term strategies for continued success.

You need to come up with a way to get prospects (leads) to your business and a way to build or sharpen your marketing skills.  As you are taping into your warm market, you can work on ways to attract people to your business.  The idea of attracting people to your business is called Attraction Marketing.  You can use these strategies both off and online.  However, you can use the internet to leverage your business to reach a more expanded market.

These Attraction Marketing strategies teach you to do the following:

  1. how to develop a presence on the internet
  2. how to brand yourself
  3. how to attract prospects to your business
  4. how to give value to your prospects

When you use these strategies through a system you can also promote duplication in YOUR downline as you begin to build you business. 

Intrigue by this Terra Biotech review and want to learn how to do all this? Watch this free presentation on a proven system used by top industry earners with a track record of success.


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